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12-Aug-18 - Endemic 12 Years Anniversary skate hr backup7-Aug-18 - Len and girls at Selby3-Aug-18 - Better Telecoms - rough gallery31-Jul-18 - Fast Signs staff July rough gallery30-Jul-18 - Frances Day YSP hr backup29-Jul-18 - 6B demonstration pics hr backup29-Jul-18 - 6B around the office hr backup29-Jul-18 - 6B Digital headshots to choose lr27-Jul-18 - Frances Day rough gallery5-Jul-18 - Lower Edge Developments July 18 hr backup2-Jul-18 - Meltham Memories 18 hr backup22-Jun-18 - Bears Pantry dessert hr backup7-Jun-18 - Karen Amos rough gallery4-Jun-18 - Wedding Fayres Yorkshire Royal Armouries hr backup27-May-18 - Meltham skate hr backup21-May-18 - Business Technology Forum 18 hr backup16-May-18_Katy_Jones_headshots part 2 rough gallery3-May-18 - Dave Pannell manufacturing portrait hr backup30-Apr-18 - Katy Jones trombonist hr backup23-Apr-18 - Katy Jones trombonist rough gallery22-Apr-18 - High Burton skatepark opening hr backup11-Apr-18 - Ben Johnson April 18 hr backup1-Apr-18 - Ascend Personal Training hr backup28-Mar-18 - Ben Johnson rough gallery26-Mar-18 - Castle Bolton wedding fayre March 1826-Mar-18 - leap like a salmon hr backup22-Mar-18 - leap like a salmon low res rough22-Mar-18 - kirklees Business Conference 18 hr backup9-Mar-18 - karen Patten hr backup26-Feb-18 - ITV Feb hr backup26-Feb-18 - Olly_Bassett_hr backup26-Feb-18 - Add your image hr backup19-Feb-18 - NL Commercials hr backup5-Feb-18 - Social Progress Jan 18 hr backup30-Jan-18 - The Works Jan 17 hr backup22-Jan-18 - John Smiths wedding fayre 18 hr22-Jan-18 - Karen Patten rough gallery22-Jan-18 - Social Progress Jan 18 rough21-Dec-17 - Chris Thorpe Hr backup21-Dec-17 - Lower Edge 222 Newsome Road hr backup21-Dec-17 - Social Progress Christmas 2 mins shoot hr backup18-Dec-17 - Taska Tankers hr backup18-Dec-17 - Chris Thorpe rough gallery17-Dec-17 - WACCL 17 hr backup9-Dec-17 - Orange Box KACCL179-Dec-17 - KACCL 1717-Nov-17 - ITV Content Delivery6-Nov-17 - Purple Pebble People and Northern Media hr backup30-Oct-17 - Orange Box 17 hr backup27-Oct-17 - Purple Pebble People home 2017 hr backup20-Oct-17 - Forget Me Not - netball 1718-Oct-17 - Purple Pebble Peeps low res gallery16-Oct-17 - Harry Christian hr backup4-Oct-17 - Harry Christian rough low res25-Sep-17 - ABR Solicitors hr backup17-Sep-17 - ABR Solicitors very rough17-Sep-17 - Vinery Hair Salon hr backup15-Sep-17 - Forget Me Not Clay Pigeon shoot hr backup7-Sep-17 - Rhian Evans business portrait hr back up6-Sep-17 - LED Sept 17 - hr backup21-Aug-17 - LED Highroyd House hr backup21-Aug-17 - BNI Advantage hr backup20-Aug-17 - Rhian Evans hr backup17-Aug-17 - Jerry Brewin Business portraits - hr backup10-Aug-17 - Bird Board Summer Lunch 17 hr backup27-Jul-17 - Logical Telecom hr backup24-Jul-17 - Logical Telecom July 17 rough gallery19-Jul-17 - Gareth Boot July 17 hr backup29-Jun-17 - Lower Edge Developments, Highroyd House hr backup19-Jun-17 - Potting Shed Spa hr backup18-Jun-17 - Potting Shed Spa rough gallery16-Jun-17 - Danielle Ascend Castlehill hr backup13-Jun-17 - Wakefield Business Conference 1712-Jun-17 - Ben Johnson staff pictures June 17 hr backup5-Jun-17 - Ben Johnson staff June 17 rough gallery5-Jun-17 - Lower Edge Developments June 17 hr backup3-Jun-17 Woodside weddings set up hr backupSuma 2010 hr backup22-May-17 - Business Technology Forum 17Splendid Hospitality Group York Hotel Indigo and Royal hr backup1-May-17 - Splendid Hospitality Group York - rough galleryTour de Yorkshire 17 hr backup28-Apr-17 - JW Binks hr backup23-Apr-17 - Helen, Micklesfield hr backup21-Apr-17 - Harewood Jane Marriott hr backup20-Apr-17 - Huntsman wedding open evening hr backup17-Apr-17 - Splendid Hospitality Group - London Hilton Bankside - hr backup14-Apr-17 - London Hilton Bankside - rough gallery5-Apr-17 - Instrumental hr backup28-Mar-17 - Huntsman Inn hr backup27-Mar-17 - Harewood Jane gallery (to choose)26-Mar-17 - Ramsdens Uni Building hr backup26-Mar-17 - Botafogo hr backup23-Mar-17 - Victoria Exhibit Harewood House hr backup21-Mar-17 - Design Mechanics talk - hr backup17-Mar-17 - Briggs and Partner hr backup16-Mar-17 - Kirklees Business Conference 2017 hr backup14-Mar-17 Novotel The Soap Factory hr backup12-Feb-17 - Wedding Fayres West Yorkshire, Bagden Hall hr backup10-Feb-17 - Ben Johnson staff hr backup7-Feb-17 - Ben Johnson staff Feb 17 - rough gallery5-Feb-17 - Armley Chair Works hr backup30-Jan-17 - Faith PR team shot hr backupJohn Smiths wedding fayre 17 hr backup18-Dec-16 - Suma December 16 hr backup9-Dec-16 - WACCL16 - hr backup14-Nov-16 - Educated Yorkshire 16 full gallery hr backup3-Nov-16 - Logical Telecoms - hr backup31-Oct-16 - Logical Telecoms rough gallery28-Oct-16 - Harro Group offcuts hr28-Oct-16 - Harro Group headshots hr28-Oct-16 - Harro Group final hr backup27-Oct-16 - Abbey Industrial Solutions hr backup19-Oct-16 - Fast Signs Leeds, staff pics - hr backup19-Oct-16 - Crash Drum School hr - backup17-Oct-16 - Suma October 16 - hr backup14-Oct-16 Ben Johnson hr backup10-Oct-16 - Alexandra House Spa 2 hr backupHarroquip_Group_rough_selects3-Oct-16 - Cedar Court wedding fayre hr3-Oct-16 - Angela Proud hr backup28-Sep-16 Consilia Legal hr backup offcuts27-Sep-16 - Harroquip Group rough gallery to choose26-Sep-16 - Consilia Legal hr backup the best of the best19-Sep-16 - Abbey Industrial Solutions rough19-Sep-16 - Abbey Industrial Solutions rough staff pics16-Sep-16 - Tech Trade Yorkshire hr backup14-Sep-16 - Edge Student Living August 16 hr backup13-Sep-16 - Tech Trade Yorkshire hr full gallery backup12-Sep-16 - Consilia Legal - rough gallery2-Sep-16 Vanorama Van Hero - hr backup29-Jul-16 Gary Marshall business portrait hr backup25-Jul-16 - Gary Marshall rough gallery21-Jul-16 - Harewood House Volunteers - hr backup18-Jul-16 - Social Progress business portraits hr backup18-Jul-16 - Edge Student Living - 14 Park Drive - hr backup14-Jul-16 - Harewood House volunteers rough gallery14-Jul-16 Adam Swales Phoenix Theatre hr backup7-Jul-16 - Alexandra House Spa rooms - hr backup29-Jun-16 - Social Progress rough29-Jun-16 - Baby Ballet May 1624-Jun-16 Points of You launch hr backup24-Jun-16 - medical negligence team hr backup22-Jun-16 - Valerie Holmes business portraits - hr backup22-Jun-16 - Suma Summer Festival 2016 hr backup22-Jun-16 - Business Technology Forum directors hr backup21-Jun-16 Medical Negligence Team rough gallery20-Jun-16 - Business Technology Forum 2016 hr backup14-Jun-16 CPS Estate Agents - hr backup13-Jun-16 - Johnsons of Whixley May 16 - hr backup13-Jun-16 Vicky Holt people pics for client review7-Jun-16 - CPS Estate agents rough gallery6-Jun-16 - Novotel Super Heroes Day 2016 hr backup27-May-16 - English Martyrs hr backup27-May-16 - St Austins hr backup27-May-16- Fast Signs staff, rough gallery27-May-16 - Baby Ballet products hr27-May-16 - Baby Ballet rough gallery May 1619-May-16 Alexandra House Spa Thermal Rooms hr backup17-May-16 Manufactured Yorkshire selection hr backupManufactured Yorkshire 201613-May-16 - Manufactured Yorkshire hr backup4-May-16 - Maxine Stead business portrait hr backup25-Apr-16 Maxine Stead rough gallery14-Apr-16 Rokt exterior hr backup14-Apr-16 - Phil Maud hr backup6-Apr-16 commercial favourites29-Mar-16 - Johnsons Of Whixley pots hr backup28-Mar-16 - Lisa Chothia hr backup26-Mar-16 Lisa Chothia business portrait rough gallery23-Mar-16 Ali VA Consultants 2 rough gallery22-Mar-16 Mid Yorkshire Chamber Conference 1618-Mar-16 One Britain One Nation hr backup17-Mar-16 Mid Yorkshire Chamber Conference 16 lr rough gallery15-Mar-16 - The Piazza Centre, hr backup8-Mar-16 Nigel Cliffe hr backup4-Mar-16 Fastsigns 20th Anniversary hr backup23-Feb-16 Tony - HD8 hr backup19-Feb-16 Mid Yorkshire Chamber Connections Counts 2016 hr back up17-Feb-16 MY Networking 2016 hr backup17-Feb-16 MY Network Partner hr backup17-Feb-16 - Social Progress pics MY Network hr backup16-Feb-16 - Bird Board hr backup15-Feb-16 Baby Ballet Feb 16 hr backup12-Feb-16 Harewood Farm Experience hr backup11-Feb-16 Bird Board lr rough gallery11-Feb-16 Harewood House Farm lr rough gallery11-Feb-16 - Ali for VA Consultants hr backup1-Feb-16 Bronte Water hr backup1-Feb-16 Baby Ballet Jan 16 rough gallery28-Jan-16 John Smiths rough fashion show lr28-Jan-16 - John Smiths Wedding Fayre 2016 hr backup26-Jan-16 - Manufactured Yorkshire headshots hr26-Jan-16 - Control F1 staff pictures hr backup22-Jan-16 - Manufactured Yorkshire 2016 pr hr backup21-Jan-16 - Bronte Water rough gallery low res18-Dec-15 - Control F1 rough selection gallery18-Dec-15 - Little Owl Catering hr backup17-Dec-15 Stephanie Wardrobe Angel hr backup14-Dec-15 - Fierce and Fire hr backup9-Dec-15 - 6B candid pictures8-Dec-15 - 6B Digital spinning3-Dec-15 - Cast1-Dec-15 - Mo Huddersfield 2015 hr backup27-Nov-15 - Stephanie The Wardrobe Angel lr gallery25-Nov-15 Fierce and Fire offcuts lr25-Nov-15 Fierce and Fire rough picks lrEducated Yorkshire 2015 gallery13-Jun-13 Bradford Care Homes hr backup16-Nov-15 Educated Yorkshire 2015 hr backup11-Nov-15 6B Digital in the park hr backupNov-15 Wholesale Glass hr backup5-Nov-15 - 6B Digital in the park low res gallery20-Jan-14 PEC January 14 hr backup7-May-14 PEC headshots May 14 hr backup12-mar-14 Philanthropy conference hr backup29 May 15 - Chrissie hr backup18-Feb-14 Jacqui Cooper hr backup21-Apr-14 Angela Proud hr backup27-Oct-15 OH Group final pick hr backup14-Oct-15 Czajka October final hr backup9-Oct-15 - Waterfront Lodge Hotel final images hr backup7-Oct-15 OH Group hr backup7-Oct-15 - Czajka October hr gallery backup30-Sep-15 HD8 Business Show portraits23-Sep-15 Falcon Tap for 6B hr backup22-Sep-15 The Bay Horse for 6B hr backupWaterfront Lodge Hotel hr backup21-Sep-15 Baby Ballet September 2015 hr backup16-Sep-15 Baby Ballet September rough galleryLower Edge staff lr gallery24-Aug-15 - Meadow Dale Virgin Healthcare low res gallery21-Aug-15 - Asparagus Green PR21-Aug-15 - Baby Ballet Aug 1520-Aug-15 Big Shots Coffee Co opening hr backup20-Aug-15 - Big Shots Coffee Co. PR hr backup17-Aug-15 - HD8 public rough low res17-Aug-15 - 315 for HD8 hr backup14-Aug-15 - Lower Edge hr backup13-Aug-15 - Baby Ballet Aug rough edit13-Aug-15 - Czajka picks hr backup13-Aug-15 Crash Drum School hr for 6B10-Aug-15 - Czajka low res gallery (rough)20-Jul-15 - Sleigh and Story staff pictures hr backup22-Jul-15 - Harmonize hr backup20-Jul-15 - MYCycle2 hr backup10-Jul-15 - Elland Brewery low res for selection8-Jul-15 - HD8 backgrounds hr backup8-Jul-15 - HD8 portraits hr backup29-Jun-15 - Wakefield Business Week 2015 - Access the World – A Guide to Exporti29-Jun-15 - Wakefield Business Week 2015 - Logistics the Gateway To the FutureManufactured Yorkshire 15 Day 1 - favourites24-Jun-15 - WBW15 Cognitiv, Google, Microsoft and BT23-Jun-15 - Crash Drum School (rough)22-Jun-15 - Wakefield Business Week - Leeds City Region hr backup21-Jun-15 - Sleigh & Story offices hr backup19-Jun-15 - Sleigh and Story 10 years open day hr backup19-Jun-15 - Sleigh & Story staff gallery (rough)18-Jun-15 - HD8 portraits rough gallery18-Jun-15 - Sleigh & Story open day hr backup15-Jun-15 - Manufacturing Yorkshire Day 1 - hr backup26-May-15 - Harmonize rough editHillbro nursing home hr backupModern Language School 2 high res backupModern Language School hr backupModern Language School rough portraitsBaby Ballet headshots April 15 hr backupOliver James Sugarcraft hr backupOliver James moors (rough edit)Baby Ballet April 15 rough galleryTotally Tipi at Green Directions hr backupPeak District Farm open day hr backupDurker Roods wedding open day March 2015 hr backupPortfolio for Peter hr backupFolio album for website hr backupBrighouse Victorian Christmas hr backupBrighouse 1940sBaby Ballet January headshots hr backupPeak District Farm shoot hr backupPrego wedding showcase hr backupHaworth 1940s hr backupWeiser Staff shots hr backupWeiser Construction hr backupSantander Broomfield Nursery hr backupB & B for 6B Digital mono hr backupB & B Engineering colour hr backupTrinity Academy hr backupPurble Pebble Peeps hr backupPrestige Nursing 4x4 hr backupPeter Cruikshank headshot hr backupYBS Dementia Action Plan hr backupPeter Cruikshank BIY hr backupKirklees Business Conf 2013Holden Grange hr backupDurker Roods wedding fayre March 2015 hr backupPEC party 2013 hr backupPEC cheque PR hr backupHLC Sept 13 staff hr backupHLC November 13Novotel Super Hero Day 2015 hr backupHLC Nativity Play 13HLC July staff pictures 2013 hr backupHLC graduation 13HLC December Staff 2013Forget Me Not SantaForget Me Not abseilForget Me Not HRH Beatrice hr backupCarr Hall Castle Y30 hr backupRachel Gough portrait hr backupCalderdale Business Conference 2013Bradford Business Conference 13 hr backupBaby Ballet Conference 13Andrew Hawleys carBaby Ballet headshots Jan 2015 rough imagesConfident Club conference 2015 hr backupJohn Smiths Stadium wedding farye hr backupAscend PT hr backupSimon Barker Electrician hr backupSimon Barker Electrician, rough galleryXpand PR shootWakefield Biz Conf hr backupPrego Tweet UpPEC MayorPEC Building shots hr backupHelen Quarnby hr backupManufactured Yorkshire hr backupForget Me Not 99er's hr backupFaith PR headshots hr backupDeborah Ogden headshots hr backupArmitage Sykes hr backupWholesale Glass Ltd high res backupHuddersfield Movember 2014The Millers Bar opening night hr backupConiston Hotel styled shoot hr backupThe Grange spa hr backupKrista Cakes hr backupTotally Tipi , horticouture hr backup+Portugal hr backupBrighouse canal cleanup hr backupPrego Tweet up high res backupBrighouse Olympic Torch high resBrighouse Market Apr 12 high resBrighouse Jubilee high resHarewood Autumn photo shoot high resBrass Factor 2014 Holmfirth high resEastthorpe Hall high resBrighouse Cycling backupSTEP Team Dragons DenSpencers Solicitors backupSlipstream design Jason back upService Excellence Awards backupDurker Roods wedding showcase high resDIY rocking horseProvident teamsSplitPixel staff shots straight from camera high resParadigm Creative Drive in Movie - FGMN - high resThe Authentic Dating Coach high resPEC sharkPEC sonic megastore backupChris Kitson Bio Mechanics Coach high resSohans office PEC backupPEC Huddersfield Student flat backupPEC James Hargreaves backupPEC German Autocare backupAagrah Shipley PEC backupPEC Aagrah midpoint back upPEC lahore Manchester backupPEC Christmas Party 2012 backupbaby Ballet October 2014 Franchisees high resAuthentic Dating Coach rough galleryBaby Ballet headshots Oct 2014 low res galleryChris Kitson low res gallery to chooseKirklees Business ConferenceOvert Marketing 12 backupNick Hill at Woodlands HotelNeon Box counters 12 backupNatalie Sharp boxing backup 2012Mandy Taylor 12 backupKirklees Business Conference 12John Hotowka 12Forget Me Not family day 12Forget Me Not at EurekaFired Up 12 backupCapita Liverpool 12 backupCapita Inverness 12 backupHepworth House 12 backupCapita Dearne Valley 12 backupCapita Salford 12 backupCapita Hale Court 2012 backupCalderdale Business Conference 12 backupBradford Business Conf 2012 backupBev De Col Moons shoot 12 backupBarnsley Business Conference 2012 backupAspire Development 2012 backupRachel Gough rough editSESHForget Me Not Celebrity ChinwagPEC staff pictures allBaby Ballet, Halifax re-launchWeiser staff pictures SeptemberConquer StrokeBaby Ballet headshots high resHarewood House LearningPEC teddy bear P.R shootHipperholme and Lightcliffe day nursery Aug 14Czajka CareHallmark Fix high resDanielle group sessionPrego high res imagesBriggs and PartnerHelen Straw final high resHelen Straw Business Portrait (rough edit)Baby Ballet headshots July (rough gallery)MYcycle14Helen StrawPhil MaudJames Martin headshotWakefield Business Week - First FridayWakefield Business Week - CognitiveWakefield Business Conference 2014Wakefield Business Week - Leadership BreakfastBaby Ballet Conference 2014Wakefield Business Week PR for Wakey Express Business pagesWakefield College and Mid Yorkshire Chamber collaboration P.RPotting Shed SpaPEC Staff shots May 14Danielle JacksonD.O Impact in a Social Progressive wayInspiring Fundraising & Philanthropy in the 21st Century ConferenceJacqui CooperCoffee Brothers colourCoffee Brothers monoCoffee Brothers